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I think I might love podcasts as much as I love books!  Cannot get enough of them.  What I love is how I can squeeze one in while driving to work, carpooling kids, doing chores around the house and while putting on makeup in the morning.

Podcasts make the drudgery of housework, really any mundane task, more bearable.  I’m not much domestically inclined and a good podcast gives me just the motivation I need.

I pop in my air pod dupes ( or occasionally steal my husbands noise cancelling Bose headphones), turn on a great podcast and get to it! I can have clothes folded or dishes washed in a flash!

Below, I’ll highlight my Business Fav’s.  However, I listen to a variety.  I just select the next one based on my mood.

  1. Tim Ferriss

I’ve been listening to Tim’s long form podcast the longest and most faithfully.  His interview style is amazing! I’m always blown away by how effortlessly his interviews flow and his guest feel comfortable with sharing it all.  He interviews world-class top performers then digs deep to find the tools, tactics, and tricks that his listeners can use.

My recent favorite: Seth Godin

2. How I Built This

Surprisingly, my 14 year old daughter introduced me to this one.  Super interesting how Guy Raz interviews leaders from the world’s best known companies.  They describe “how” the business came to be.

Recent favorite: SoulCycle

3.  The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast

Wow! What a long name, ha!

I can’t wait to hear from you! Which podcasts are you loving these days?

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