Family Chore Chart

As a working mom, daily chores were a task that I found overwhelming! I could not get it ALL done. Yall, the Family Chore Chart saved my sanity! I implemented it about 3 years ago and have not looked back.

It is not completely hands free. You do have to “inspect what you expect.” And… I do. Ask the kids, even if they are in the van ready for school- I will ask them to get out and complete today’s chore. After doing that I few times, I have found they “forget” to do them less.

I’m often heard saying “Many hands makes light work.” It is so true, these are baby chores I am asking them to do. It takes them so little time, and when everyone pitches in, my life is so much better for it. When grumbling ensues, I belt out “ We are Family!” Insert the laughing emoji, wondering why can’t I blog in emojis?

There are a million reasons why children can benefit from pitching in around the house. It fosters self-esteem and makes them feel like an important part of the family. Chores also teach them responsibility and teamwork. Psychology Today believes chores cultivate a sense of gratitude among kids. All good things!

Here is our Real Chore Chart currently on the fridge. No Pinterest Mom here, but most importantly- it works.
Gaines (age 6) is required to empty all of the bathroom trash cans into the kitchen one and feed Brooks on Saturdays. I need to update the chart and give him additional chores soon.

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