Reflections on Michelle Obama’s Book Becoming

I listened via Audible while traveling to Orlando for AADOM conference.  Overall, I enjoyed the book.  It was a book that I feel Audible upgraded.  Sluggish in parts, I may have abandoned the physical book.  Hearing Michelle’s voice felt like a friend riding along in the car with me.

This book successfully did what I feel a good book should- it caused me to ponder questions/topics I had not ever considered.  I most enjoyed how it reminded me how connected we all really are.   Despite our cultural backgrounds, all of our stories, triumphs, struggles, life experiences and losses are surprisingly similar!  

I could especially relate to her struggles and challenges as she strived to be a good mother, wife and employee.  Open about how serving in the White House was never her goal, Michelle put her dreams aside to support her husband and his dreams.  She esteemed the institution of marriage above her own ambition.  She successfully communicated the gravity of the roles of President and the First Lady.   At times the emotion and weight of the story and her circumstances overwhelmed me and I cried.  I could vividly imagine how she must have felt.  Prior to “reading” this book, I had not ever considered the sacrifices a family must make to serve our country in this capacity.  

Overall, I have a new respect for her!  She is testament to what determined women and luck crossed with opportunity can do.  The  intentionality she brought to her role as First Lady is admirable.  While no job description existed, she knew that this was a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in our nation and humanity that she would not squander.  She knew the role came with tremendous power and influence and she wanted to wield it for good.   I appreciate her and President Obama’s intentional and unwavering commitment to ethics, honor and integrity. 

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