All the Fall Things

Who knows why, but I am especially nostalgic recently. Maybe it is because my baby is now 6. There are so many things I see that make me realize this season is ending. He will not be amused with those novelties soon, teardrop.

Typically super practical and frugal, I have splurged more lately- justifying these purchases because I know the kids are changing stages of life and outgrowing so many things.

I better decorate more now, I better buy him the sweet pajamas, I better do all the things while I still can 🙂

For example:

  • I have already bought giant pumpkins and a wreath for the front porch. I bought these to decorate with and Keith bought these.
  • While shopping at TJ Maxx, I bought a delicious Pumpkin pie scented candle for the kitchen – Much to Keith’s chagrin. He has an aversion to smells, especially deliciously strong ones. Thankfully, when I was shopping they didn’t have these. They’re my absolute favorite. T
  • Splurged on these for Gaines, running out of time for things like this. Nothing sweeter than a “baby” in sweet and soft pajamas.
  • Stumbled on these cute gift tags, haven’t gone all in yet.
  • Enjoying drinking my first cup of coffee on the back porch since the temps are a smidge cooler in the morning. These fall cups elevate the experience.
  • These remind the kids of Fall and so of course I have already purchased a bag. Yep, even the dentist’s kids eat candy, ha!

This is the recipe that I make every. single. fall. I love to make them in muffin tins.

What are your favorite fall traditions?

PS. Adorable infant costumes that I shared with a friend: I thought this , this and this was cute  

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