Recently I heard something that has really stuck with me.  I want to give proper credit but for the life of me cannot remember where I heard this.  Maybe the Raising Girls and Boys Podcast, Maybe Beth Moore or Sally Clarkson- they’re all my virtual friends I esteem highly?!

The comment was essentially “In spite of all the worldly influences in our daughter’s lives, especially social media, music and their friends voices… You, as their mother, are still the most significant influence/role model in their lives.  Whether they admit it or not, the number one person they long to emulate when they become adults is their mom” 

It may look like they aren’t listening to you, but not only are they listening to you but they are watching you.  That is dually refreshing and daunting all at once! 

The good news is that we DO have influence and we are not out of time! Our daughters are watching us.  

That thought has really been powerful for me and inspired me to be even more intentional. What is my attitude like, how do I speak to others, what music do I listen to , what books am I reading, how do I handle hard situations, communicate my faith, how do I treat my body?  

We may not always get it right, but we can’t give up trying.

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