Meet Ashleigh

Hey Yall!

I’m Ashleigh, a book nerd, coffee-loving Auburn girl, and lover of travel, fashion, babies and Mexican food (wait, I mean ALL food).  I’m thrilled that you’re my guest.

As a wife of 16 years and a mom to four wonderful children ages 6-14 (and a 2-year-old Goldendoodle), I’ll share behind the scenes of how I accomplish more in my day to day life as a working mom with less stress.  Productivity and Life hacks are two of my passions- while chasing what matters most!

I’ll also share all my travel adventures and budget finds that are changing my life.

My very favorite thing is writing and blogging.  You may remember my old food blog from years ago- Strawberry Sophia.  I took a break and missed it so much I just couldn’t leave it.

I love making new internet friends and I’m thrilled that you are here!