2 weeks


Easy Appetizer- A friend told me that she made this for a party the other night and it was gone as fast as she sat it on the table.

Dice Roma tomatoes and line your baking dish (spray w/ pam first)
Top w/ crumbled garlic herb boursin cheese (I found it at Kroger)

Then top with crumbled bacon (I tried with the can in the aisle by the salad dressing)
Bake until hot and bubbly.

Serve with wheat thins. I tried it yesterday & thought it was yummy and super easy to prepare. Sorry I didn’t take a picture before Keith and I ate it all.



I finally got these cutie’s back!! Boy was I missing them.



They’ve only been home a little over 24 hours, but I already have a good idea how challenging 3 will be. Getting 4 little ladies (including myself) ready (and nursing in between) for an outing is pretty time consuming. So… if I have my dress on backwards or something ridiculous like that- have mercy on me 🙂

Seriously, Em and Lilly Kate are in love with this little chickadee:
They can hardly keep their hands off of her.
Can you blame them? I could just “eat her up!”

My hands are full, but so is my heart!!

Can Tuesday come already??

This pic was taken at my work shower last week. Of course, I do NOT love the pic but it is the only one I have.

Most of you know, but a few of my cyber friends haven’t heard the news…
So, here’s the update: I am 38+5 weeks (3cm dilated, -1 station, and 70% effaced as of my last MD visit), I have had every single symptom that would indicate labor is impending but… NO delivery. I didn’t think I’d be as anxious for her to come as the other 2 but at times I am certain I am FAR more anxious. I am not nesting, I think that phase has past. I am exhausted and have little motivation to do any of the household chores that need to be done (not whining just keeping it real 🙂 MD says he’d induce on Tuesday if she’s not here by then. Mom is coming in town on Sunday! I joke with her that baby Campbell is waiting on her Gran Gran. We’ll see. I’ll post pics of sweet girl as soon as I meet her!

Oh yea, if she waits until Tuesday to come then I will have carried my 3rd longer than both of the other 2. So much for the 3rd coming early :O Looks like she already knows she’s the baby and wants to hang on to momma as long as she can.

Sweet LK


LK is 23 months and will be 2 in about a week. She has stolen my heart!! I mean she has the cutest (strongest, loudest, sweetest) personality!! I absolutely love hearing what she has to say next. She is quite the chatterbox. I don’t have any idea where my girls get that from :O My favorite sayings from her are: “Mommy, I wub you!”, “Emma, wanna weed (read)a book wif me?”, “Mommy, look it’s my fabrite (favorite-referring to a disney show).” and everything around the house that is for baby Campbell she says, “NO, dat’s baby ABa’s (that would be Kristin’s daugher Ava)!” she adores Baby “ABA” and talks about her constantly.


LK and Mary McKinnon swinging. They are the best of little friends. MM is in her class at “school.”


LK loves her (great) Granny June! She talks about her all the time and 9 times out of 10 if she’s talking on her cell phone, it is to Granny June.


These are a few of my best friends (and Campbell’s soon to be best friend baby Ava:)& a recent pic of my almost 36 week pregnant belly. Thanks girls for making last night sooo special!! It was perfect 🙂

I am headed to the MD this am and will give you an update as soon as I hear from him.

By request

A Pregnancy Update:
Hmm, I am 32 weeks (or 33, never can keep up with it). Feeling great!! Still due on July 5th but if I know my doctor he Won’t be working on the 4th so doubt she could be a July 4th baby. Em came like 10 days early on her own. LK was induced I think 7 days early. So.. I guess I will know closer to time about when to expect Campbell. 🙂 She is just a delight to carry. She seems huge and puts on a show when she wiggles. I am REALLY ready to meet her but don’t feel like I’m as miserable/anxious to deliver as I was with the first 2.

Campbell does not have a nursery yet. LK is not ready to give up the crib, she is pretty attached to it. She is moving into the bedroom with Em. We’ve trialed it numerous times and LK is NOT having it. They will stay in the bed up to 3 hours but NO sleeping is happening & I end up having to carry LK back to her crib. I keep telling myself I have a few more weeks to transition her. Although the urge to “nest” is coming on and I wish she’d move in w/ Em soon. Keith says don’t worry about it… “Campbell can just sleep in her cradle in our room for a few months. She doesn’t have to have a room right away.” Mercy!! He doesn’t understand. Baby girl HAS to have her own room even if she doesn’t actually sleep in it 🙂

& Are we really done??
Hmm, I REALLY think so. But not certain enough to do anything permanent. 2 is hard!! I can only imagine what 3 will be like. We’ll see 🙂

Dear Blog,

You have been temporarily betrayed for this:

#1 The snowy day, followed by a week of beautiful blue bird skies


#2 My infatuation with the new Brother

#3 This sweet little bundle of joy growing exponentially inside of me. I really can’t believe I am posting this picture. I would have preferred to get all dolled up and then take the pic, but as I took a pic of the bib Em insisted on taking a pic of baby Campbell IN my PJs and so… I swallowed my pride to show you how BIG I am. I am not even sure precisely how far along I am (I hear that is common for the 3rd-although with the others I knew down to the exact date ie. 22 weeks+2 days). I am around 22 weeks (due July 5). When I am done with this post, I’ll probably go look it up b/c I am feeling bad. However, some things may change with each pregnancy but my excitement is not one of them! I saw a friend’s newborn just last week and I wanted to eat her up and truly could not wait to get my hands on my own 🙂

Unrelated, but wanted to give K a little press..
In the current economy, it’s good to know He can STILL “bring
home the bacon fish!”



I cannot find enough time in the day to sew all the things I want to. Remember this orient expressed outfit? I have always wanted to make it and have actually tried before and messed it up and ended up throwing it away. My friend at work Alicia figured out how to make the pattern and whoala!!! She actually used the Children’s Corner Lucy pattern to get started and I used the revised Charlotte (that is where the inspiration for the shoulder ruffle came from). I think next time that I make it I need to make the top longer and the bow longer. Not sure I will try to stick that ruffle in the bottom all the way around?!? Mrs. T- I’ll leave that for you:)

I had planned to tell you that this is soo easy (and it still may be for a veteran sewer), but I did wrestle with it abit. Mainly the ruffle sleeve!! That is why Emma’s on the left has no ruffle sleeve and LK’s has a crooked ruffle sleeve :O I definitely plan to make more of these so hopefully I’ll get better with practice. I am making little pants to match but I was so anxious to show you that I could not wait until the pants were finished.
Can you believe I didn’t monogram these? Well, I know that would be super cute but figuring I have three girls now.. I can’t monogram everything. & I am getting bored with the “T”

Speaking of my 3rd girlie: She is doing GREAT! She is 21 weeks and measuring perfect and kicking all around making me smile 🙂 She does have a name- Campbell Elizabeth it will be! Emma is so excited and talks to my belly and kisses it all day long. She also brings her dolls to me and asks that I show her how to change a diaper one more time. LK will pat my belly and say “baby” but not sure she has a clue. Not that she isn’t very smart & VERBAL for 20 mos! Let me tell you, I am amazed daily by how much that chickadee can talk- basically anything she wants to say. I love her to pieces!!!

It’s A…

Well, since I work at the hospital I have connections. Although, I was trying to be good & wait until my real ultrasound appointment with my MD. Although, I did ask my friend, Mgr of Radiology, to call me if they ever had any downtime and we’d play. She never called & I was fine with that. Well, this afternoon my boss and coworker come beboppin’ in my office and say “call M.” NO! I do not want to keep bugging her about this. Before I knew it the three of them had me in radiology on the ultrasound table. My heart was beating so fast! I was so nervous and they were so giddy. It REALLY was fun. So different being my third! I mean this was my last chance for a boy and the anticipation was killing me. Is it you?? Little Miss cooperated from the very beginning and being my third girl, I knew exactly what those two tiny white horizontal lines meant 🙂 Tears rolled down my face. Can’t tell you exactly why!?! I KNEW all along that it would be another girl. I’m a girl mom- you just know. I guess the anticipation and the mystery ending and now I quickly envision three ponytails every morning of my life and three proms and oh my GOODNESS- three weddings.

M looked over at me and said, “Well, I guess THIS is what God has in store for you and Keith!” 3 Girls We could not possibly be any more blessed!!! She looked really healthy (apparently the Hardee’s biscuits are setting well with her) and everything measured appropriately.

If you are wondering, Keith is fine. He loves his girls and is the BEST dad. However, he did immediately let me know that he’d need mandatory “guy time” weekly now that he’ll be living w/ 4 girls.

As for names, we don’t know yet. We’ll get there. I have some ideas that I’m pretty attached to. Once we decide, I’ll update you. As for Emma’s opinion on the name:
She wanted a brother. She let me know that she had a sister and now she wants a brother. Last night, I explained to her that it might not be a brother and asked would she be ok with that? “Yes, I guess” she replied. I said if it’s a girl, how do you like the name Campbell? “No mama, I don’t like that name –nobody knows it. How about Thumbelina? That is a name everybody would know. Yea, Thumbelina or I like Cinderella. Those are names people know.” I laughed. Cannot wait to tell our third, if your sister had named you it would have been Thumbelina OR Cinderella.

Enjoy the Little Miss’s first pics below:

I think these are her hands. Don’t you? I couldn’t really tell from the CD what she had given me pics of.