Campbell is 9 mos


Have we talked much about my baby girl? I know she hasn’t gotten much blog time b/c I have been so busy with her (but that is not a bad thing!). She is the sweetest most laid back, stereotypical(from what I hear)3rd child!! Everyone should have 3 so that they can get a Campbell. Everytime she says Na Na (mama) and pats my shoulder my heart melts! I dressed her up in her new sweet outfit Dede got her for Easter and tried to stage some pics for you to see her but of course “staging” never goes great. Anywhoo.. here is my baby girl trying soo hard to figure out how to walk (and getting bruise after bruise from falling) so she can chase her big sisters.


Happy Easter!! He is Risen! I just don’t have the gift of garb but was so blessed by what Joanne posted on the simple wife blog- maybe you will be too! Especially if your life is feeling full!!




@ what Campbell girl can do!!


Yes, that crib is in the living room!! We have been busy converting the dining room into Campbell’s nursery so we had to move all the furniture out. Glad to have the doors up and the painting behind us.


Campbell is a BUSY bee! That may be why I can’t blog anymore 🙂 I had always heard Third children are slower achieving most developmental milestones b/c the older siblings do everything for them. Not this baby girl! She wants to be big and play with Em and LK soo bad! It’s sweet..

I’m home!

I’m now home with the girls full time. (Yes, I do pinch myself at times :))
The girls are loving me being here and we’ve kept busy! Of course, we had a wonderful Christmas, Emma had her first ballet recital. Campbell is sitting up, eating baby food, babbling dadada, and was dedicated. Keith and I even got a weekend away for the Auburn bowl game in Tampa and had a blast! If you are visiting there, call me for 2 of the BEST places to eat that you’ll want to try.

Campbell is almost 7 mos, weighing in at a healthy 17 1/2 lbs!! She has had 4 or 5 ear infections in the past 6mos. So… we’re getting tubes placed on Wed. Say a prayer for her (and momma!). Of course, she isn’t sleeping very well at night due to the ear infections but she’s still one of the happiest babies I’ve seen. Her sisters love her to pieces! Sooo sweet..

Next month, Lilly Kate is starting a new preschool one day a week and one of my dearest friends will be her teacher 🙂 She’s not real sure about it, but I know she’ll soon love it. She has been waking up from nap telling me stories about “school” that day (poor thing is just daydreaming b/c she’s been with me all day).

2 weeks


Easy Appetizer- A friend told me that she made this for a party the other night and it was gone as fast as she sat it on the table.

Dice Roma tomatoes and line your baking dish (spray w/ pam first)
Top w/ crumbled garlic herb boursin cheese (I found it at Kroger)

Then top with crumbled bacon (I tried with the can in the aisle by the salad dressing)
Bake until hot and bubbly.

Serve with wheat thins. I tried it yesterday & thought it was yummy and super easy to prepare. Sorry I didn’t take a picture before Keith and I ate it all.