Dear Blog,

You have been temporarily betrayed for this:

#1 The snowy day, followed by a week of beautiful blue bird skies


#2 My infatuation with the new Brother

#3 This sweet little bundle of joy growing exponentially inside of me. I really can’t believe I am posting this picture. I would have preferred to get all dolled up and then take the pic, but as I took a pic of the bib Em insisted on taking a pic of baby Campbell IN my PJs and so… I swallowed my pride to show you how BIG I am. I am not even sure precisely how far along I am (I hear that is common for the 3rd-although with the others I knew down to the exact date ie. 22 weeks+2 days). I am around 22 weeks (due July 5). When I am done with this post, I’ll probably go look it up b/c I am feeling bad. However, some things may change with each pregnancy but my excitement is not one of them! I saw a friend’s newborn just last week and I wanted to eat her up and truly could not wait to get my hands on my own 🙂

Unrelated, but wanted to give K a little press..
In the current economy, it’s good to know He can STILL “bring
home the bacon fish!”


Been Busy!

Doing a whole lot of this (well as often as I can get in my “sewing room” (aka dining room):




I have sooo much to learn and if you look closely there are mistakes on every single item here, but I am still in love with my new Brother 750D. It has worked like a beauty since the day it came out of the box. If you are considering an embroidery machine and don’t have a couple thousand to shell out- give this one a look! As far as I can tell, it has ALL the features of a high dollar machine for much less. It came with all the Disney embroidery char’s with it and Em calls it my new Walt Disney World machine.:) I am actually having better luck appliqueing than I am monogramming. Hmm. I have monogram wizard but I guess i just need more practice. Any of you veterans? If so, love your tips, advice.

*The ruffle white shirt Mrs T ordered online. I’ll have to ask her where. The whale shirt is an old one from walmart and the orange shirt is a new Garanimals brand from walmart. The burp cloths are FABULOUS- best I’ve held in my opinion and they are Gerber 6ply premium from Target.



I was leaving work the other day and noticed an empty storage container. I thought I’ll grab that and put some expired stamps, junk mail, tape, glue, rubber bands in it & take it to Emma. Well, lo and behold “paperwork” is her favorite activity now – which is Fabulous b/c she is at the age where she is Bored ALOT. She will sit for hours doing her paperwork (just like mommy you know). She says, “mommy is a nurse but she does paperwork.” 🙂

You can see Lilly Kate is attempting to help.