Dear Blog,

You have been temporarily betrayed for this:

#1 The snowy day, followed by a week of beautiful blue bird skies


#2 My infatuation with the new Brother

#3 This sweet little bundle of joy growing exponentially inside of me. I really can’t believe I am posting this picture. I would have preferred to get all dolled up and then take the pic, but as I took a pic of the bib Em insisted on taking a pic of baby Campbell IN my PJs and so… I swallowed my pride to show you how BIG I am. I am not even sure precisely how far along I am (I hear that is common for the 3rd-although with the others I knew down to the exact date ie. 22 weeks+2 days). I am around 22 weeks (due July 5). When I am done with this post, I’ll probably go look it up b/c I am feeling bad. However, some things may change with each pregnancy but my excitement is not one of them! I saw a friend’s newborn just last week and I wanted to eat her up and truly could not wait to get my hands on my own 🙂

Unrelated, but wanted to give K a little press..
In the current economy, it’s good to know He can STILL “bring
home the bacon fish!”



I cannot find enough time in the day to sew all the things I want to. Remember this orient expressed outfit? I have always wanted to make it and have actually tried before and messed it up and ended up throwing it away. My friend at work Alicia figured out how to make the pattern and whoala!!! She actually used the Children’s Corner Lucy pattern to get started and I used the revised Charlotte (that is where the inspiration for the shoulder ruffle came from). I think next time that I make it I need to make the top longer and the bow longer. Not sure I will try to stick that ruffle in the bottom all the way around?!? Mrs. T- I’ll leave that for you:)

I had planned to tell you that this is soo easy (and it still may be for a veteran sewer), but I did wrestle with it abit. Mainly the ruffle sleeve!! That is why Emma’s on the left has no ruffle sleeve and LK’s has a crooked ruffle sleeve :O I definitely plan to make more of these so hopefully I’ll get better with practice. I am making little pants to match but I was so anxious to show you that I could not wait until the pants were finished.
Can you believe I didn’t monogram these? Well, I know that would be super cute but figuring I have three girls now.. I can’t monogram everything. & I am getting bored with the “T”

Speaking of my 3rd girlie: She is doing GREAT! She is 21 weeks and measuring perfect and kicking all around making me smile 🙂 She does have a name- Campbell Elizabeth it will be! Emma is so excited and talks to my belly and kisses it all day long. She also brings her dolls to me and asks that I show her how to change a diaper one more time. LK will pat my belly and say “baby” but not sure she has a clue. Not that she isn’t very smart & VERBAL for 20 mos! Let me tell you, I am amazed daily by how much that chickadee can talk- basically anything she wants to say. I love her to pieces!!!

Been Busy!

Doing a whole lot of this (well as often as I can get in my “sewing room” (aka dining room):




I have sooo much to learn and if you look closely there are mistakes on every single item here, but I am still in love with my new Brother 750D. It has worked like a beauty since the day it came out of the box. If you are considering an embroidery machine and don’t have a couple thousand to shell out- give this one a look! As far as I can tell, it has ALL the features of a high dollar machine for much less. It came with all the Disney embroidery char’s with it and Em calls it my new Walt Disney World machine.:) I am actually having better luck appliqueing than I am monogramming. Hmm. I have monogram wizard but I guess i just need more practice. Any of you veterans? If so, love your tips, advice.

*The ruffle white shirt Mrs T ordered online. I’ll have to ask her where. The whale shirt is an old one from walmart and the orange shirt is a new Garanimals brand from walmart. The burp cloths are FABULOUS- best I’ve held in my opinion and they are Gerber 6ply premium from Target.

Hi Ho Cherry-O


Good to know my sewing machine will still work after such a long vacation. I have been dying to finish these pants that my mother in law made the smock top to match! Although, preg fatigue has prohibited much sewing at night.
I could just eat these cuties up 🙂



It’s here, It’s here!! I have a embroidery machine at my house. I have no earthly idea what to do with it but I have one:)

I was talking to Keith’s office manager about wanting one, she has had one for years and is quite proficient with it. She said, ” I have been wanting a new one & if I get a new one I’ll sell you mine.” I didn’t get too excited b/c eveyone says that. Lo and behold the very next day Keith comes home and says she got a new machine- call her. So this am I went for the tutorial and brought the beauty home 🙂

I must admit it looks very intimidating and needs lots of things besides the machine to make those fancy shmancy monograms you’re thinking of.

Well, “internets” just wanted to share the good news with you. Maybe in a year or two (ha!) you can turn to me for assistance w/ your monogramming needs 🙂

Game Day







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Pumpkins with their “make-up” on 🙂 This is so easy, We just used tempera paint from hobby lobby. Emma had a blast painting hers. I sat LK in her highchair, opened a chocolate pudding pack and handed her a toothbrush- she was painting (eating) away! I am not into pumpkin carving- K is; so.. He and Emma carved us one Wednesday night. Good Job!!
I have been working on this little set since the first football game and (it’s a long story)I am nearing completion! I really think this might be a smidge too big for LK. Maybe she can wear it next year too. i really wish the top were shorter but I am ready to move on to a new project. After I finish two of these, i have worked on them so long I begin to wonder if they are still cute. I think this one is my favorite so far! I need (ok really, really want)a monogram machine! Still working on Em’s. Maybe we can wear them to the basketball games:)



I had the most FABULOUS night last week..
Picture this:

  1. Hubby has the kiddos
  2. Night off
  3. 4 of your best girlfriends
  4. Sewing machines
  5. Fast food and chocolate cake

Well, I was not as productive as I wanted to be. Overly ambitious -You should have seen me loaded down with about 20 projects….. I did finish this one though:

I can’t decide what kind of buttons to use. Does the pink plaid work? White would look weird!?! Can you do covered buttons with corduroy?? Thoughts on the buttons?

AND had a blast! Let’s do it again girls 🙂