I’m home!

I’m now home with the girls full time. (Yes, I do pinch myself at times :))
The girls are loving me being here and we’ve kept busy! Of course, we had a wonderful Christmas, Emma had her first ballet recital. Campbell is sitting up, eating baby food, babbling dadada, and was dedicated. Keith and I even got a weekend away for the Auburn bowl game in Tampa and had a blast! If you are visiting there, call me for 2 of the BEST places to eat that you’ll want to try.

Campbell is almost 7 mos, weighing in at a healthy 17 1/2 lbs!! She has had 4 or 5 ear infections in the past 6mos. So… we’re getting tubes placed on Wed. Say a prayer for her (and momma!). Of course, she isn’t sleeping very well at night due to the ear infections but she’s still one of the happiest babies I’ve seen. Her sisters love her to pieces! Sooo sweet..

Next month, Lilly Kate is starting a new preschool one day a week and one of my dearest friends will be her teacher 🙂 She’s not real sure about it, but I know she’ll soon love it. She has been waking up from nap telling me stories about “school” that day (poor thing is just daydreaming b/c she’s been with me all day).

Dressing Up

Hello from the trenches!! I am alive. KNEE deep in the trenches of motherhood 🙂 Someone noted they were impressed that I can still blog. Well, really…I can’t. I feel like I am finally beginning to get the “hang” of three. However, as Em used to say “I have my full of hands!” You may have noted the blog looked like it crashed with photo bucket acct inactive posted all over it and I refused to take the time to reactivate and redesign the blog right now- Hence the new pink background. I have considered taking a sabbatical from blogging for awhile but I hate the thought of the handful of special long distance friends that read to miss out on watching my sweet girls grow up!

Every free moment these two have involves changing garb. It’s a full time job preparing to be a princess!



look alike?






It’s funny, I see similarities in each of them but I think they still look different. You think? I had to dig and dig to find one of Emma, when we had her we actually printed pictures and now all my pics are trapped in this computer.



It was soo hot, thankfully they had dippin dots 🙂


Em and LK both got their tiger paws posters autographed


LK ran into a good auburn friend- Ella Grace


And after standing in line for about an hour, we ran into Aubie. LK had been talking about him all day but after the wait decided she’d rather not have her picture taken with him. And… you can tell from the pic, EM wasn’t too sure either. Campbell said she’d wait til’ next year to participate (although I did see some little bitties getting their pic made with aubie).



I finally got these cutie’s back!! Boy was I missing them.



They’ve only been home a little over 24 hours, but I already have a good idea how challenging 3 will be. Getting 4 little ladies (including myself) ready (and nursing in between) for an outing is pretty time consuming. So… if I have my dress on backwards or something ridiculous like that- have mercy on me 🙂

Seriously, Em and Lilly Kate are in love with this little chickadee:
They can hardly keep their hands off of her.
Can you blame them? I could just “eat her up!”

My hands are full, but so is my heart!!



I got home really late and went into the girls room to check on them. I always do that before heading to bed to make sure that they aren’t sleeping on top of each other & that LK is not trapped in the side rail. They have only been sleeping in the same queen bed for about 2 weeks. So far so good (I didn’t say it was a cakewalk). Anywhooo, many have given me their opinion that perhaps we should not put them in the same bed and kindly suggested we get twin beds. I had some friends in college who were sisters and they slept in the same room, same bed until they got married!!! I knew that it could be done. Well… this pic says it all!! You can tell by Em’s drool that this is completely unstaged and when I saw them holding hands I decided I would even risk waking them up to get this pic 🙂

Sweet LK


LK is 23 months and will be 2 in about a week. She has stolen my heart!! I mean she has the cutest (strongest, loudest, sweetest) personality!! I absolutely love hearing what she has to say next. She is quite the chatterbox. I don’t have any idea where my girls get that from :O My favorite sayings from her are: “Mommy, I wub you!”, “Emma, wanna weed (read)a book wif me?”, “Mommy, look it’s my fabrite (favorite-referring to a disney show).” and everything around the house that is for baby Campbell she says, “NO, dat’s baby ABa’s (that would be Kristin’s daugher Ava)!” she adores Baby “ABA” and talks about her constantly.


LK and Mary McKinnon swinging. They are the best of little friends. MM is in her class at “school.”


LK loves her (great) Granny June! She talks about her all the time and 9 times out of 10 if she’s talking on her cell phone, it is to Granny June.


These are a few of my best friends (and Campbell’s soon to be best friend baby Ava:)& a recent pic of my almost 36 week pregnant belly. Thanks girls for making last night sooo special!! It was perfect 🙂

I am headed to the MD this am and will give you an update as soon as I hear from him.

Beach bums

We took the girls to the beach for a day a few weeks ago. It was sooo beautiful and so fun!! The girls absolutely loved it and played so hard. I cannot wait to get back to the beach.




LK loved the sand! However she was such a priss and created her own little bathtub with the bucket to frequently rinse her hands and feet of the sand.